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Without clogs you have no shoes!

Olsson Sweden/Tradinghouse

About Us


The genuine clogs from Olofdaugheters/ Olsson family Made in Sweden.

We love our clogs for many reasons
  • comfort
  • down to earth, and yet
  • fashion.
We do not like to complicate matters
  • our clogs give you a true honest feeling of life
  • becomes a part of you, like a
  • good friend
We have made our clogs for over 50 years and nothing can
compare with our comfort, workmanship, quality and style.
Olofdaughters/Olsson the clog that started it all - the clog trend.
We are called - The Leader of Clogs.
We think it's because - You Matter to us.

Boots & Shoes -  Fashion & More

Now we are giving you a line of fashion in shoes, boots, fashion and more.  We want to give you a splash of elegances, a flair of the world a crisp design and yet down to earth. Wear a sensation in clogs, shoes, bags or your outfit named Olsson.


The Website

We envisioned a simplistic and user-friendly website that was keen to the eye without any unnessesary features. KBj helped us achieve this and developed for us this website which is based on OpenCart.

All photos were taken by Olsson Sweden/Tradinghouse and are copyrighted. All rights reserved.